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Islam in The Shadow of Terrorism

Islam in The Shadow of Terrorism

ISIS and organizations affiliated to it or Israel are two sides of the same coin. One in the name of Islam and other staying away from it are busy carrying out the same task of harming Islam. The deteriorating situation of the present time is the mirror of RasoolAllah500px-mohamed_peace_be_upon_him-svg’s presage. The hadith of RasoolAllah500px-mohamed_peace_be_upon_him-svg stating that every coming age will be worse compared to the bygone age can be easily witnessed. If one goes through history then the reason for the dismal state of Muslims is very evident. That being said now let us try and understand what is the basic reason behind all the chaos and terror that is being carried out everywhere in the name of Islam due to which Islam is being maligned and scorned?

It goes back to those days when Islam had started to spread like fire and people were accepting the call of truth (dawat-e-Haqq) in huge numbers. This did not go down well with the Jews and they used wealth, lands and women to stop the Muslims but the slaves of Allah did not budge from Allah’s deen. When the Jews saw all their ploys failing they started accepting Islam in large numbers with the sole intention of deceiving Muslims and creating doubts and confusion in the laws of Islam thereby wrecking it internally. They studied Islam, married within Muslims, secured the posts of ulema and muhaqqiq (religious scholars) and all in all they blended in so well with the Muslims that it became practically impossible to single them out. Eventually the Jews and hypocrites (munaafiq) proved successful in sowing the seed of their sabotage. Their very intention was to make Muslims fight and kill each other in the name of Islam and thereby vandalize Islam. Slowly and steadily their poor progeny believing their parents so-called religion to be Islam moved ahead and influenced the large number of innocent and plain Muslims. These people diverted so far from Islam that they started seeing it in a completely new and different form. All the organizations that have raised their heads in the present age are the results of the teachings of those very sabotagers. These organizations take two approaches to carry out their work. Firstly by undertaking terrorist activities and inviting gullible Muslims to jihad and secondly by raising questions on the intricacies of Islam and creating doubts and confusion in its laws they are preaching a completely altered form of Islam.  They are readying minds who will undertake a different type of jihad where Muslims fight and kill each other or innocent people lose their life.

Today the situation is in front of us. The descendents of those Jews and the people influenced by them only consider themselves as Muslims and have become the self proclaimed guardians of Islam who desire to establish their own rule under the pretext of Islamic rule. What do these slaves of nafs know about the obedience of Allah? They aren’t even aware of the fact that they aren’t spreading Islam but the disastrous mischief of their ancestors. They themselves have gone astray and are even leading others astray.

There is an Islam which was preached by the Prophets and the auliya which the people accepted due to the formers kind, humble and loving conduct and today centuries have gone by but still there is no abatement in the number of people who respect, love and follow their teachings.

In the past few years these mischief creators have raised the devilry of polytheism (shirk) and heresy (bid’at) and by calling the plain gullible Muslims as polytheists and heresy they are trying to lead them astray and also harm their belief system (aqeeda). Distancing the plain Muslims from the teachings of the Prophets and the auliya they are trying to teach them the religion they got from their ancestors. And till quite an extent they have proved successful in baffling the plain gullible Muslims by bewildering and confusing them with absurd and preposterous questions. Muslims need to be vigilant and they need to understand that when Islam has been concluded and the light of deen has reached them long ago through the Prophets, sahaaba and auliya then which so-called deen is being preached by these shenanigers. Muslims need that no matter which group (jam’at) they belong to they should check out its history and see if their group is based on the message of RasoolAllah500px-mohamed_peace_be_upon_him-svg. If they are truly based on the message of RasoolAllah500px-mohamed_peace_be_upon_him-svg then why do they need an identity/name other than that of Islam when none of the khulfaa, sahaaba or auliya ever started a group for Allah has ordered ‘Hold on to Allah’s rope tightly and don’t divide into groups amongst yourselves’. No matter which group we belong to we should try and find out the complete history of that group as to when it started etc. If done so the truth of all the groups will be very evident in front of us. Why do these groups which later started in the name of Islam and consider themselves to be the bearer of truth (ain-e-haqq) need a name or identity other than Islam? Before the starting of these groups weren’t Muslims Muslims or Islam Islam?

Because today when Muslims world over are going through a disheartening phase these mischief makers by raising question on the fundamental laws of Islam have started calling them polytheists and heresy. Plain gullible people are falling for their baffling and perplexing questions. In the present age this evil has spread so outrageously that even the perpetrators themselves don’t realize when they become the enemy of Islam and humanity by and large.

There was a deen whose propagation was done by the Prophets and the auliya with love and kindness and now in the name of Islam which religion these children of Jews and the group led astray are doing is anyone’s guess. Plain gullible Muslims who do not have much time or knowledge to understand the philosophy of this new Islam are easily perplexed and led astray from the age old traditions of Islam. There was a time when the love of the Prophets and the auliya meant the world to the people and they would treasure their every mark or souvenir. Today they are being drifted away from the teachings of the buzurgs in the name of shirk and bid’at and they have been made to believe that because their forefathers were illiterate and ignorant they respected the Prophets and the auliya and that they don’t need to do the same as Allah is the only truth then what does anyone have to do with the rest. And the mischief-makers invite them to help in establishing the rule of shari’at when the desire of ruling is their own. These slaves of the nafs and oppressors are the worshippers of Shaitaan they are the ones who start all these terrorist organizations and the one to be blamed are Muslims.

It is these very enemies of humanity who are displaying their evil in Syria and Iraq.

When the vehemence of all these like minded people swelled they captured Arab and renamed it as Saudi Arabia which means ‘Arabia of the Descendents of Saud’. After their success they destroyed all the souvenirs and marks of the Prophets and sahaaba one after the other and also razed innumerable dargahs. They were not satisfied even after all this monstrosity so they went ahead and razed the blessed graves of the parents of RasoolAllah500px-mohamed_peace_be_upon_him-svg. The only reason being that the people who went there for Hajj or U’mrah used to visit their grave for fatehah.

The whole world preserves the signs and tokens of their leaders but these vain and hopeless people razed them all. What people must they be when then did not even flinch when demolishing the very house of RasoolAllah500px-mohamed_peace_be_upon_him-svg.Today when their mission is going on in Syria and Iraq they have destroyed the mazaar of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleedradi-allahu-anhu and Hazrat Yunus (alayhis salaam) among many others. God knows what type of Muslims are they who go on razing the mazaars of the prophets and the auliya!

On one hand when these people are busy creating havoc in Syria and Iraq their brother Israel on the other has started oppressing and terrorizing the people of Palestine and is showing no sign relenting. The only motive is to divert the minds of Muslims from the atrocities being carried out in Syria and Iraq thereby clearing the path for these enemies of Islam and humanity to carry on their evil.
When the graves of the Prophets and the auliya were safe and venerated at the time of RasoolAllah500px-mohamed_peace_be_upon_him-svg and the Khulfa-e-Rashideen (the rightly guided Chalips) then why are they so hell bent on destroying it? Who are they and what type of Muslims are they?

May the curse of Allah be on all those people who disrespect the Prophets and the auliya and harbor malice and rancor against them.

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